Funded Account Challenge

Stop having restrictions put on your trading style or trading account growth. Stop waiting to be paid until reaching your profit target. Do you want to get the funding you deserve? We offer you the opportunity to join our funded trader program so you can start your trading career as a professional trader the right way!

SCT has designed the practical evaluation of the Funded Accounts to simultaneously test multiple skills and attributes using the real-world environment of the Forex market. 

The evaluation has been designed to work with any robust manual or algorithmic trading strategy. The evaluation is purpose-built to promote and maintain capital preservation.

We will pay you monthly as long as you are in profit so you can trade, earn, and grow your trading account at a remarkable speed, unmatched by any of our competitors.

We’re funding Forex traders who want to leverage their trading skills and maximize their earning potential.

Start trading our fully funded Forex trading account up to $2,000,000. Do you have the right strategy, discipline and mindset to be our next  7 figure trader?